Graduation 2015: Editors’ note

The Occupy Cal protests in fall 2011 were our induction to UC Berkeley. We saw thousands of people gather on Sproul Plaza to listen to UC Berkeley public policy professor and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich speak. We saw marches in the streets.
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Ending the chapter but not the story

Over the last two, three, four, five or six years, we’ve all gone from confused, excited, nervous students to confused, excited, nervous graduates. I have found people to love, and they love me back. I have worked hard be here today, and you did, too.
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Take control of our education, not just a building

HIGHER EDUCATION: While we agree with the goals of the student protest at Wheeler Hall, the movement would be more effective if it was addressed to Gov. Brown.

Over the last week, more than 200 students have camped in Wheeler Hall to demonstrate their frustration with the UC Board of Regents’ recently passed plan to increase tuition should the state fail to increase UC funding. While we wholeheartedly agree with the goals of the student movement, protesters must
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