An ode to Yogurtland

Rest in peace, Yogurtland. With your convenient location, funky flavors of the month and the dopest toppings of them all, you were truly one-of-a-kind.
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An ode to reminiscence

Studying abroad, as anyone who has ever done it will say, is a more rewarding experience that you could ever imagine it to be. There will be highs (many of them) and lows (these will inevitably crop up) throughout your time, but you will be grateful for all of them.
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An ode to Remy’s

To our beloved Remy’s: We remember walking through your doors freshman year, the air filled with laughter and smell of beer. Your crowded embrace felt so right, nothing better to do Tuesday night. Rumor has it you couldn’t serve tequila, but you were a damn good taqueria. The place to go
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An ode to the Amazon Student Store

We at the Clog believe everyone deserves to smile, and we wanted to remind you how much we love the campus Amazon Student Store. We thus present an ode to the student store to remember the good ol’ days: Oh, Amazon Student Store, We feel sad seeing your boarded glass
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Ball is life, finals are not

If you didn’t shed a single tear the other day when you read Kobe Bryant’s poem dedicated to basketball, then you’re either lying or your head blocked it out because it was too much emotion to handle. Touched and inspired by Vino’s words, we at the Clog followed suit and
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An ode to the Campanile

She is 100 years old but doesn’t look a day over 30. She’s a symbol of our excellence as she rises above us. We love her so much, because she’s oh so breathtaking, And partly because we can always trust, That she’ll always be taller than Hoover Tower.   We
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An ode to Bear Transit

You were already late for class, and now you’re feeling sad and blue. How will you get to Li Ka Shing now that you’ve missed the 52? And just when you think all hope is lost, you spot it in the nick of time. What is that blue and yellow bus?
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A love poem to discussion sections

Oh, section for discussing:   What form of learning is as lovely and temperate as thee? Even the fairest maiden is not as fair as your attendance policy.   And when in disgrace with fortune — or midterms, Your four walls house my raving discontent. When our professor swears that
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