Music to my years

Work in Progress

I get nervous when people ask me what music I listen to. How do you say, “Literally anything,” without sounding like you’re just a casual listener, especially when I’m anything but casual when it comes to music?
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Composition and continuation

A full symphony orchestra consists of approximately 100 musicians playing string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments led by a single conductor. Orchestra music is surprisingly prevalent and surrounds everyday life. One can relax to the Mozart symphony playing in a hotel lobby or march along to John Williams’ masterful score
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UC Berkeley’s Symphony Orchestra closes on a beautiful note

Playing with textures, rhythms and musical shapes, the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra closed its fall season with a dynamic program of pieces from the modernist and contemporary eras of classical music from Dec. 11-13 at Hertz Hall. Incorporating selections from Witold Lutoslawski, Gyorgy Ligeti and Richard Strauss, the orchestra combined
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sf opera.Terrence McCarthy

SF Opera Orchestra enchants at Zellerbach Hall

When the lights turn off and the audience quiets down, most would find themselves in a movie theater with a coke in one hand and popcorn in the other. However, this last Sunday, dozens of people crowded around the famous San Francisco Opera Orchestra in Zellerbach Hall waiting for the
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