Whither Berkeley?

Whither Berkeley? Will Berkeley be Berkeley, or will Berkeley become just another street sign on the East Bay strip of cities running from Richmond to Fremont? Do you recall “Berkeley: The Athens of the West”? Is that gone? Will Berkeley become the west Walnut Creek or the east San Francisco? Are these things to aspire to?
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Letter: June 17 – June 24

The inability to have a smoke free home In an editorial from June 10, The Daily Californian wrote, “In comparison, residents of apartment buildings do not have a choice about whether or not their neighbors smoke, but they can make a choice to keep their living situations smoke-free.” In housing
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Smoke-free zone

CITY AFFAIRS: An ordinance that proposes banning smoking in the city’s multiunit housing has a noble goal but could do more harm than good.

At its May 28 meeting, Berkeley City Council discussed a smoke-free ordinance that could become an infringement on residents’ rights. The council must tread carefully in the future if it chooses to follow through on it. The proposed ordinance, which would ban tobacco smoking in leased multiunit housing — such
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Proposed Sit Lie Law

Berkeley’s transient and homeless population sounds off on the proposed Sit Lie ballot measure.