Neat tips for cleaning out your apartment

That time of the semester is approaching. As finals week dawns upon us, a number of us will inevitably be going back home for the summer, which means cleaning out that den you call an apartment before leaving. We at the Clog understand that this can be a struggle, especially
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How to find the niche love of your life in college

Everyone secretly (or not so secretly) hopes to find the person of their dreams while at college. We hope that we’ll sit down next to someone in lecture, strike up a conversation and voila — the great romance of our lives is born. The reality, however, is not so optimistic. After
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How to make your small apartment seem bigger

Residence hall rooms might be small, but at least the furniture is pretty much figured out for you. Once you leave the not-so-comfortable nest, however, it’s completely up to you and your roommate(s) to decide how you arrange your apartment. And as if that wasn’t hard enough, the price of  an
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