All art is quite useful

Work in Progress

When I think about the timeline of my writing career, I draw blanks instead of all the memories that should have cemented in my mind the fact that I am a writer. And yet, I still don’t feel like a writer. But I’m always writing. I’m writing right now.
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A Shakespeare by any other name

Now and Again

Now, one may think that an 11-year-old does not have the mental capacity or follow-through to create a well-thought-out play, and one would be absolutely correct.
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Parker Kjellin-Elder_online

James in the twilight

Off the Beat

What frightened me as a child was the NC-17 category by the MPAA. It was terrifying in the same way as Henry James: Its nefarious nature was guaranteed by its opacity. It wasn’t simply frightening, violent or sexual, like an R-rated film; it was…complicated and elusive. At the time, I
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Gena-mour Barrett

Lost in translation

Worlds Collide

Oscar Wilde once said, “The Americans are identical to the British in all respects except, of course, language.” Until recently, I would have committed the brave act of declaring that Wilde was wrong. Speech is the main thing I thought would work to my advantage when I decided to study
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