2017 Oscar Predictions

Some of the most fun during the Oscars season comes in the predictions phase. With records tied and broken during nominations morning, the slate of films and talent up for Oscars is as fascinating as it’s been in years. While there is a long wait from the January announcement until
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Oscar Nominations Recap

The Oscar nominations for the films of 2016 were announced this past Tuesday, and there’s a lot to talk about in regard to the field of nominees. After a slow start, 2016 quickly turned into a phenomenal year of film. Independent films displayed why that sphere is still home to
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Tarzan_Warner Bros. Pictures_Courtesy

Summer movie lessons

The blockbusters of this past summer movie season were a garbage fire of epic proportions. Film’s image, undeservedly so, has suffered because of them, and if the trend continues the studios are eventually going to ruin everything. Too many of the big budget films were either terrible or lost a
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The good, the bad, the Oscars

The Oscars are my Christmas. As a film nerd, I wake up every Oscar Sunday giddy. And for my present this year, I wished for a raw, unrelenting opening monologue, one that would kick everyone’s ass. Opening Monologue Chris Rock, you are the best Santa ever. In the first few
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