Coming out of my cage

Heading West

I am from Houston, Texas. At least, that is what I say on day one of discussion section whenever we go around making our introductions.
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Out-of-state, out of mind

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Regents’ decision to cut out-of-state financial aid to cover losses incurred by adding 10,000 in-state students hurts campus diversity levels.

In the calculations to balance the UC budget, cutting financial aid for out-of-state and international students does not add up. Slashing the support for a population that makes our campuses more diverse only heightens socioeconomic divisions between resident and nonresident students. After the deal reached last spring between UC President
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week 12 out of state

Things out-of-state students are tired of hearing

If you’re one of the few out-of-state students here at UC Berkeley, it can be rare to find others of your kind. With out-of-state students making up only 10% of the undergraduate population here, chances are not many people share the same grievances as you. Sometimes it even seems like
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From the Midwest to the Bay

Transitioning to life in Berkeley can be anxiety-inducing but also exhilarating

Halfway through my undergraduate career, I’ve tried to reflect upon how I have personally grown since I first came to Cal. But I realize I cannot quantify the differences between the person that arrived on this campus two years ago, straight from the Midwest — where I had lived my
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Birgeneau condemns new legislation limiting out-of-state enrollment

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has requested that a proposed piece of state legislation that could cap out-of-state student enrollment at UC campuses be withdrawn from consideration by the state Senate. Birgeneau asked that Sen. Michael Rubio, D-Shafter, withdraw his proposed constitutional amendment — which would establish a 10 percent cap on out-of-state enrollment
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