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Tunesday: Inspired by Treasure Island Music Festival!

For those of you who think music-festival season is over, you’re wrong. Treasure Island Music Festival is one of the best festivals in the Bay and, better yet, is on a beautiful man-made island off the coast of San Francisco. The 36-artist lineup is separated by its artists’ associated genres
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Hendrix biopic plays out like delirious fever dream

For a musical icon as consistently deified in the classic-rock canon as Jimi Hendrix, it would be far too reductive to shoehorn him into the overripe “instant rock star” tropes that have riddled the vast majority of pop-culture films. Much like the Hendrix depicted by Andre Benjamin — Outkast’s Andre
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Sasquatch proves to be a Gorge-ous fest with a stellar lineup

Tucked between billowing hills and jagged rock formations, Quincy, Washington’s Sasquatch! music festival drew thousands to the magnificent Gorge Amphitheater this Memorial Day weekend. Unlike some festivalgoers who attend music festivals for the fashion, glamour and Instagrams, Sasquach! attendees sacrificed luxury and basic hygiene to camp out for three days
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The at-home Coachella experience

I sat down in my desk chair, opened up my computer and clicked on the Coachella live stream on YouTube. As has been my tradition the past few years, I began to pretend I was actually there. And, just by pretending, I was able to enjoy the music and the
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Arts tweets of the week: Kanye, Cher, Courtney Love and more

Twitter is a strange thing. At times, it has helped start revolutions and mobilized people en masse, while at other times it has been a platform for self-imposed humiliation. Nonetheless, Twitter has served as a valuable tool for celebrities to unload their often nonsensical stream of consciousness that others call
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Outkast to reunite at Coachella 2014

What’s cooler than being cool? Other than “ice cold,” an Outkast reunion at Coachella 2014 just might fit the bill. Rumors of the reunion were essentially confirmed Tuesday by media outlets, as well as by those more closely acquainted with the duo. By the time the festival rolls around in
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