‘A United Kingdom’ presents heartwarming romance, but ineffectual political drama

"A United Kingdom" | Fox Searchlight Grade: B
Stanislav Honzik/Courtesy
"A United Kingdom" | Fox Searchlight
Grade: B

When Botswana, formerly called Bechuanaland, separated from the British Empire, it wasn’t just a victory for the Botswanans but also a triumph for the historic couple at the heart of the nation’s newfound independence. Amma Asante’s “A United Kingdom” places this couple, composed of Sir Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) and
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Housing should not replace educational spaces

I wish to write not to claim to have solutions to the UC Berkeley student housing crisis but to expose one proposed solution that is doing a serious injustice to students, both in the present and in the future. If you’ve ever traveled to the Northwest region of campus, where
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UC Berkeley School of Law announces new dean

Choudhry, currently a professor at New York University School of Law will succeed Interim Dean Gillian Lester, and replace Christopher Edley, Jr., former dean who stepped down in December 2013 after almost nine years of service.
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Lorenzo Angelo Gonzales/File

Negotiations for redevelopment of Bowles Hall underway

The board approved terms for the negotiation of the property’s lease to the Bowles Hall Foundation, a nonprofit organization composed mainly of UC Berkeley alumni, which would oversee the construction efforts and operate Bowles Hall as a residential college. Intended to reopen in August 2016, students would be encouraged to live in the newly co-ed college for the duration of their undergraduate education.
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