Learning my ABCDs

Cal in Color


For most people, ABCD is the beginning of the English alphabet. But for American-Born, Confused Desis like me, it’s an acronym, an insult, a joke and an identity, all wrapped up in four letters. Calling me an ABCD invalidates my experience of being Desi, or a person of South Asian
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Following the Yellow Brick Road

Two years ago, I came to UC Berkeley as a determined student with a set of goals in mind. Determined to channel my inner resolve and live up to my potential, I knew that I was standing at the beginning of my Yellow Brick Road, and all I had to do was to successfully follow it to the finish line.
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The time of your life (and other experiences)

When an experience is prophesized to be the time of your life, the pressure on that experience to live up to such an enormous expectation can be insurmountable. When you tell someone you’re going to be studying abroad, they typically respond with trite clichés about how you’ll have the time of your life, how you’ll be living it up and so on. You’ve probably heard it all before.
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Simply put, US drones kill

Earlier this week, I opened the Daily Cal to find a harmless-looking sketch of a U.S. military drone flying in a purple sky. Under it, I saw the title “Drones make America safer.” After reading the op-ed piece written by political science student Blair Rotert, I felt absolutely compelled to
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Malala is not ours to adopt

Malala Yousafzai has been speaking out for girls’ rights to education in Swat Valley, Pakistan, and against the oppressive regime of the Taliban since the tender age of 10 — long before she became a darling of the Western media. But through the media’s recently renewed obsession and essential co-optation
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