Surviving rest of this semester

It’s finally here: one month until the end of the semester. While these next four weeks are bound to fly by, the obstacles standing inbetween you and winter break are daunting. All that’s apparent is that there are bound to be tears, sleepless nights and multiple declarations of running away
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The Professor Papers

This week The Daily Californian obtained a package of papers compiling hacked emails and comments from a wide range of the UC Berkeley faculty, describing how they truly feel about teaching at this school. Because of the scandalous nature (and unconfirmed veracity) of the papers, however, they were deemed unfit to publish. We at
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adrianne and stella, horse couple

20 UC Berkeley ways to reject a date

Whether it’s because you have huge commitment issues or because you just aren’t fond of the person who is asking you out, you need the perfect rejection that’s just ridiculous enough for the person not to ask you out again. Hopefully these excuses give off enough of the “wtf” factor that the
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What to put in which recycling bin

Here at UC Berkeley, we care a lot about the environment (we have nine majors with the word “environment” in them), so it’s obvious that recycling would be a widespread practice on campus. However, recycling ain’t what it used to be, kids. The act of recycling waste can involve breaking apart
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paper writing

Distractions to paper writing

Do you have senior roommates whom you love but are bad influences on your productivity? If you do, the Clog bets that in the last two weeks of your junior year, you are already beginning to show signs of senioritis. After all, you’ve witnessed the senior lifestyle for the past
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Accept that you are a writer

Whether you’re majoring in English or struggling through an ethnic studies paper when you just want to study biology, Cal students do a lot of writing. While papers can be much less stressful than rushed in-class midterms, they do require much more time, especially when you procrastinate. And we think
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