Make your own holiday: Berkeley style

Nowadays it seems as though there’s a day dedicated to every possible person or event. Forget about boring old Mother’s Day— there’s the entirely necessary Draw a Picture of a Bird Day to worry about. The pinnacle of all creative holidays is March 26, National Make Your Own Holiday Day. We
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20 ways you’ve become your parents

We at the Clog have noticed some trends as we’ve progressed through our college years. The more independence we gain and responsibilities we take on, the more we see ourselves becoming real adults. And at a certain point, we start to notice that we’ve turned into everything we feared and
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Combating homesickness

Homesickness, also known as “college is hard, and I just want to curl up in the fetal position on my parents’ bed,” is an ongoing illness that affects approximately 100% of college students — 0% of whom are willing to admit it. Home is like your first love, the one
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What to do when your parents are in town

Your parents are in town, and that means two things. First, you’re going to eat real food that somebody else makes instead of boxed macaroni and orange juice straight from the carton. Second, you’re going to get lovingly yelled at about things. It’s time for you to clean up your
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Tips for prospective students on Cal Day

As a newly admitted high school senior visiting UC Berkeley, you are bound to make many newbie mistakes (as we all have). Here are some tips on how to do your first trip to your future home the right way! 1. Download YikYak to peruse the inner consciousnesses of UC Berkeley students. 2. Wear comfortable shoes,
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Fragmented nostalgia

My first love was a Midwestern sky on a Friday afternoon — the way it seemed to kiss everything, even the disjointed pieces of life, with a tinge of yellow breath. My second love was the way wet grass touches bare feet, needy yet gentle. I find myself thinking on
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7 signs you’re over winter break

Don’t get us wrong: We at the Clog love winter break. We get food cooked for us and laundry done for us and can wear red without being booed out of the house. There comes a time, however, when we have to admit that we’re, well, over it. Here are seven
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Thank God for the first generation

A Whole New World

It is time, then, to appreciate the first generation and the ones who are rapidly forgotten. It is time to revisit how much they did for us and how much we did not understand in our younger years.
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Lies parents tell their children

Parents lie. Sure, most of them were probably white lies meant for “our own good” or to give our parents a welcome respite from persnickety questioning. This, however, does not excuse how ludicrous some of the stories they told us were. How could we have even toyed with idea that
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