What does your water bottle say about you?

UC Berkeley students are an incredibly diverse bunch. We hail from every U.S. state and from many countries around the world. We represent many majors, races and identities. One thing that we all have in common, however, are our water bottles. For the long treks uphill, to and through campus, every UC
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A guide to college life, by Parks and Recreation

It’s the middle of the semester. Readings are piling up, desktop backgrounds are overflowing with files, midterms are coming at you one after another and to top it all off, the Parks and Recreation series finale was last Tuesday. Your spirits may be low, hope for the future may be lost,
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ArCATypes: The perks of being a party pooper

For most of us, midterm season is an excuse to frown at each other so we can get some damn work done. That’s only natural when your brain is overworked and sleep-deprived with endless distractions looming in the way. But for some people, life is an excuse to be grumpy. And members of that latter group are probably Curmudgeons.
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