Our beat reporters say what they love


Every semester in The Daily Californian’s arts & entertainment department, we welcome a new batch of beat reporters. While they will spend the semester reporting on a multitude of different projects and exhibits specific to their expertise, they rarely have the opportunity to focus on their topics on a small scale.
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Leah Romm_online

Finding my team at UC Berkeley

A little over a year ago, I found myself headed to Oakland in the backseat of my first Uber ride. Earlier that day, one of my dearest friends had noticed my gloomy demeanor — fueled by the anxiety of awaiting my LSAT score — and proposed that we take a trip to Fentons Creamery.
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Frances Fitzgerald_online

From Paris, with love

He was studying abroad from France at UC Berkeley, and I was a freshman, meaning we were equally new and lost on campus. He asked for my number so that he could “borrow my textbook,” and it started off the way any relationship does.
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