Shirley Sun/Staff

Quiz: What’s that smell?

Ah, Berkeley. A place filled with all sorts of unique and distinct things — people, food and most importantly, smells. From the dining halls of the residence halls to the compost bins scattered around campus, you always seem to be assaulted with some offensive odor. You’re used to it, but with all
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How to throw a party

Today, throwing a successful party is as complex and stressful as ever. Luckily, we at the Clog have useful tips and recommendations to guide the modern day party-thrower.
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Mind games to play at a party

We’ve all been there. Your friends finally convince you after a long day to go out, you get to the party and you’re overwhelmingly disappointed. You have to be in a very specific state to actually enjoy a party, and even when your enjoying it for some time, you hit a slump
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Football phrases that will help you score this Halloween

Since the upcoming Cal vs. USC football game is on Halloween this year, we know you’re going to be partying instead of watching the game. But you still want to showcase your school spirit while you’re partying. We know you’re tired of the overused “Trojans suck” joke, so we’ve brainstormed
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Say hello to the modern introvert

Millenial Meltdown

Introverts, like George W. Bush’s still life paintings, are misunderstood creatures. Most people — including most introverts, in fact — believe the word is functionally a synonym for quiet and socially reserved. And introverts can certainly fit this description, but so can extroverts.
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