What to do after Big Game Day

The smell of burned redwood trees is in the air. There’s no cardinal red to be found. That’s right fellow UC Berkeley Bears, Big Game is here. The most anticipated sport-centered weekend of the year is here — and with all of the stress of midterms, the election and Thanksgiving
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Best items to buy at Bear Market

As we near the end of the semester, quite a few of us are realizing that we have way too many meal points left, probably because of all those times we opted for Artichoke Basille’s pizza or boba rather than going to the dining halls. Since it would be such
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How to throw election night parties

While we at the Clog are not usually proponents of exclusion, we recommend that you only invite friends who share the same political opinions as you to your election night party in order to keep the peace. If you want your party to be #lit, you should definitely have started planning well before this moment in time, in which you’re reading this.
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How to find love at a frat party

If you’re about to reach the point where you have to resort to Tinder to find a significant other, don’t worry, kind reader, for you have other options. We at the Clog have thought of a guide to help poor souls like you find love on the sweaty, over-crowded dance
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How to throw a party

Today, throwing a successful party is as complex and stressful as ever. Luckily, we at the Clog have useful tips and recommendations to guide the modern day party-thrower.
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Quiz: Where will you end up this gameday?

As the first gameday approaches, so does the uncertainty of where you will end up by gameday night. Whether you’re the type of gamedayer that actually goes to the football game, or the type that lives at Top Dog for the whole day, we here at the Clog thought of
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