‘Hey, can you watch my stuff?’

We’ve all been there. You’re studying for your midterm in the library and, after drinking two large Peet’s coffees and an iced tea from Caffe Strada, you realize that your studies will have to be abruptly interrupted by a quick bathroom break. After avoiding the urge for a good seven
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Coffee stops for busy Bears

We at the Clog can agree on one thing — coffee is our life juice. If you’re completely new to the thriving coffee scene in Berkeley, here are some suggestions for coffee stops on the way to commonly-frequented places among UC Berkeley students.
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6 Berkeley gifts for your dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and buying a gift for your dad can be really difficult. Don’t worry — we at the Clog have got you covered. Here are some Berkeley-related gifts you can get your dad that he will be sure to appreciate. 1. “California Dad Berkeley”
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Picks of the Week: Brighten those midsemester blues

Midterms getting you down? Bogged down in essays and club activities? These diversions from the everyday drudgery of student life are just the thing to ail those mid-semester blues. Dolores Park’s “Final Days of 2014,” until Thursday The (in)famous Dolores Park in the Mission District of San Francisco is closing
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13-06-23 5 Crimes Dumber Than Grand Theft Lettering

5 crimes dumber than grand theft lettering

We’ve all had some experience with grand theft in our lifetimes. Oh, you haven’t? What about that time you were a small schemer plotting to steal that last piece of cake from the fridge as soon as everyone else had gone to sleep? Or when you moved on to stealing cars
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