Messy bedroom, possibly my own

5 hacks for room decorations

We at the Clog are tired of running to Walgreens at the last minute for random things we didn’t realize we would need. Whether it be inspiration, vases or pencil holders, we present to you a list of simple and cheap ways to decorate your room. 1. It’s your birthday,
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How to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in class

You trudge into class when even the birds aren’t up, but your body’s on autopilot. You have your usual thermos of French-pressed coffee, but the caffeine refuses to kick in. You contemplated skipping class this morning, but the thought of wasted tuition got you out of bed. How can you
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Essential Cal Student Store purchases

Unless you’re a wandering tourist, you usually walk into the Cal Student Store with a specific item in mind. It could be a hoodie, a T-shirt or a key chain, and that’s okay because those are all items that have some level of use (note: we didn’t specify how useful).
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