Letters: July 29 – Aug. 5

I was deeply disturbed by the admission to undergraduate status of Khairi Fortt, a Penn State football player, only a few days before the new term opens. From all indications, he was “admitted” by the Athletic Department, without application or the critical vetting that thousands of other would-be undergraduates went through nearly a year ago.
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Moving beyond moral outrage

The trial of Jerry Sandusky is about more than Jerry Sandusky. Oh yes, the venom spewed on Sandusky in the wake of his sexual abuse trial is well deserved. The former Penn State assistant coach, who was found guilty of 45 of 48 charges of sexual abuse of young children
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A good, though not ideal, career move

I feel sad that some celebrities have death as their best career move. Michael Jackson’s life became centered on his music and career again, not the allegations he had faced not too long before. Heath Ledger had been widely loved but his career reputation rose to new heights once he
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Say it ain’t so, Joe

It is commonly accepted that there are five stages of grieving. In regard to the entire Penn State pedophilia predicament, I have been altering my opinions as often as uninformed bloggers call for Jeff Tedford to be fired. Since it has come out that the Nittany Lions’ legendary coach Joe
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