An ode to reminiscence

Studying abroad, as anyone who has ever done it will say, is a more rewarding experience that you could ever imagine it to be. There will be highs (many of them) and lows (these will inevitably crop up) throughout your time, but you will be grateful for all of them.
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Berkeley Dorms

Residence hall life hacks

Welcome to UC Berkeley, a place that will gift you with football games full of school spirit, friends that are some of the best people you will ever meet, undue stress and all nighters and Renaissance architecture. The next four years of your life will be a whirlwind of fun,
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Hottest people who went to UC Berkeley

Even if having Berkeley Goggles is a very real and prevalent disease, UC Berkeley still has some noble and attractive alumni. Although notably hot alumni are often few and far between, we must commend them for putting in the good work all over the world and making people think UC Berkeley
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Five kinds of people you see on the bus

If you’re not lame enough to walk to class, hipster enough to have a bike, SoCal enough to skateboard or rich enough to have a hover board, odds are you take the good ol’ 51B. We at the Clog have spent our fair share of time on both 51s, 49s and the
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50 thoughts to have while people watching on Sproul

It’s the middle of a regular weekday, the sun is shining, and you have about an hour before your next class. Since you’re too tired of paying attention to your own life, it might be fun to pay attention to other people’s.  There’s only one possible solution — people watching. And
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photographing the philippines

Summer soul-searching in the Philippines

The Philippines — a tropical archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, composed of approximately 7,000 islands (slightly fewer during high tide) and the country I call “The Motherland.”  I wasn’t actually born in the Philippines, but it’s literally the motherland: the land in which my mother was born, as well as
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Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.36.09 PM

How midterm stress affects our appearance

Midterm season is here and apparently, it is here to stay. The perpetual stress, the unending studying, the overly-high expectations from professors. All of this has inevitably rubbed off on our sanity, mental clarity, personality and appearance. For many of us, our wardrobe consists solely of UC Berkeley sweats and
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