Peet's Coffee

7 Berkeley hideouts for introverts

People’s Coffee & Tea If you’re looking for a quiet place to study alone, then slink your way over to People’s Coffee. Not only is there plenty of single seating here (no more awkwardly sitting at a six-seat table with three random strangers), but there are also outlets everywhere (no
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Brenna Alexander/File

A ranking of cafes with the best Wi-Fi in Berkeley

Laptop in tow, you stumble into a cafe ready to take on that research paper due tomorrow. While waiting for that latte to kick in, you open up your laptop and start getting down to business. Ten minutes later, however, you find yourself staring blankly at the words, “Unable to
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Where to buy coffee in Berkeley for less than $1.50

Every student at UC Berkeley needs one thing to survive the daily high-stress schedules to which we submit ourselves: liquid energy. Worm dirt. A cup of joe. We’re talking about coffee. We know you don’t want to spend any more than necessary on your daily dose of caffeine, so here
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3 laptop-friendly cafes in Berkeley

You go to FSM with laptop in hand, hoping to snag that cozy little spot in the corner. Yeah, yesterday you couldn’t find a seat, but that was at, like, 1 p.m. Who the hell has lunch at 3? It’s two hours after prime lunchtime, so you figure you’ll at least
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