Demonstrators run from smoke during a protests in Hong Kong. In recent days, protests have rocked the city as civilians take to the streets to push for democratic changes.

Protesters gather in Hong Kong with a central purpose

Plumes of smoke rose over Hong Kong’s central districts as riot police used tear gas, pepper spray and batons in clashes with protesters engaged in a long-planned civil disobedience movement Sunday to push for universal suffrage and various democratic changes — what experts are calling the largest such protest in
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#YesAllWomen, fear, and sexual assault

The #YesAllWomen feed is a refuge where we can express our fear of misogyny. We all carry tragic stories that weigh us down, because our culture tells us again and again to stay silent, to carry pepper spray and dress “modestly,” and to forget our pasts and move on. When you critique the #YesAllWomen hashtag, our refuge from suffocating silence, we hear another voice threatening to silence us and deny us our fear and our grief.
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Regents approve pepper-spray settlement

To conclude a three-day meeting dominated by budget talks, the UC Board of Regents approved a proposed settlement Thursday with lawyers of students pepper-sprayed by UC Davis police officers during a protest on the campus last November.
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Police pin a protester to the ground.

Report calls for UC to clarify protest policies

In the wake of controversial police force used against student protesters at UC Davis and UC Berkeley last November, the draft of a UC-commissioned report released Friday makes recommendations to minimize police involvement and help campus administrators adapt to each protest. The report — which was commissioned by UC President Mark Yudof
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