First City Festival shines in Monterey

Monterey in the  ’60s was well-known for a three-day music festival. Jimi Hendrix performed, as did the Who and Janis Joplin. This Woodstock-of-the-West experience continues today in the scenic coastal town with First City Festival, a two-day music festival boasting a well-curated lineup, an old-school carnival and even a swamp
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Keyboardist Morgan Kibby, as White Sea, crafts oceans of sound

“I’m covered in MIDI cables — it’s pretty impressive,” exclaimed Morgan Kibby, the LA-based keyboardist and vocalist for M83, who is currently touring as White Sea, a solo project she started in 2010. At the time, Kibby was preparing to start touring with Phantogram and was feeling flustered as she
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Tunesday: Midterm wave relief

We’ve finally hit the one-month mark of the new semester — our spring admits’ monthiversary if you will — but this by no means is a reason to celebrate. A more important milestone, known as midterms, has come along, and we’re noticing our weekends are beginning to be spent with books more
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Tunesday: Wake Me Up When September Ends

It’s October, finally.  Well, last night, Berkeley chose one hell of an interesting way to wake us up when September ends.  Please, a little more subtle next time. September in general is a shitty month.  The original hit by Green Day was about Billy Joe Armstrong’s father having died when
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Tunesday- Femme Fatalented

This past week, a major record label made an incredibly sexist joke on their Facebook and Twitter.  Furthermore, once the backlash occurred, they didn’t seem to believe they did anything wrong.  This made me take a deeper look, particularly in the EDM scene at the discrimination against female acts.  Some
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