To members of Greek life at UC Berkeley: Stop perpetuating sexual violence

CAMPUS ISSUES: By mocking sexual violence protesters, fraternity members at UC Berkeley conveyed a level of disregard that is appalling but not surprising.

Content warning: Sexual violence On Saturday, members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, or Fiji, in Berkeley stood around individuals protesting acts of sexual violence and assault and jokingly posed for a picture. In doing so, they communicated a level of abject disrespect for survivor narratives that is almost beyond
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ICYMI, 2 of UC Berkeley’s frat houses make top 10 list

We already knew UC Berkeley was one of the best universities in the world, but now even its frat houses are getting lauded for their architecture. The recently released list “Top 10 Frat Houses in the Pac-12” by Total Frat Move, both a college comedy website and a New York Times bestselling book, features
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