Illustration of three people with different levels of melanin

I’m shady and proud: Embracing my melanin

This identity crisis that the majority of Filipino youth are accustomed to, coupled with the culture’s ingrained normalcy of complexion-shaming is a convoluted conundrum for future generations: How can we teach young men and women to love and accept themselves when we are caught up in our own ignorance?
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philippine flag

UC Berkeley students talk Philippine Independence Day

One of the biggest holidays of the summer, and possibly America’s most iconic holiday overall, is Independence Day. But July 4 isn’t the only day of independence celebrated during the summer. Friday is Philippine Independence Day, or Araw ng Kasarinlan. Araw ng Kasarinlan commemorates the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain, after 300
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In defense of the IDF

On Tuesday, Yehuda Shaul, co-founder and head of the organization Breaking the Silence (BtS), spoke on campus. BtS claims it “exposes” the actions of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the occupied territories by accumulating the testimonies of soldiers about various prevention tactics exercised by the IDF. BtS casts itself
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