Professor of epidemiology William Satariano dies at 70

William Satariano, director of undergraduate health programs at the School of Public Health and campus professor of epidemiology and community health sciences, died May 28 at the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek after a long battle with lymphoma. Satariano was 70.
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If Beyoncé attended Berkeley

It’d be beyond our wildest dreams if Queen B ever graced our campus with her majestic presence, and while we at the Clog never say never, we’ve realized we might have to stick to daydreaming on this one. However, our imaginations got us thinking, and we wondered exactly what Beyoncé’s
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Clark Kerr

The thought behind dining hall fruit

For those of us who lived in the dorms once upon a time, and for those of us who still do, we recall days filled with our best friends down the hall, cheesy sticks subsidised by the RAs and nights spent in the floor lounge. Most importantly, though, we remember
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Meaningful questions UC Berkeley students ask

When we’re walking around campus in our coats, sipping some hot chocolate in this cold weather or even enjoying our short time in a warm shower, chances are we’ve often slipped into a period of observing and questioning our quirky campus. Even though it’s almost the end of midterm season,
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The Thought Lounge: Interview with Axel Cramer

The Thought Lounge is an on-campus organization founded by Axel Cramer. Axel sat down with the Daily Clog to discuss the Thought Lounge’s origin story, goals, memorable moments and future.  The Daily Clog: How did the Thought Lounge start? Axel Cramer: In my freshman year, I was looking for entrepreneurial
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