That girl in the photo

That girl in the photo has eyes that are the moist soil that flowers stem from   She gives advice like the worn pages of a children’s book like a dream no one would admit to having   That girl in the photo makes you see sunlight in a storm
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Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.32.07 PM

Better with the lights off: Campus by night

Whether it’s a deep conversation or donuts from King Pin, some things are just more interesting and more appealing late at night. If you’ve ever taken a walk through UC Berkeley at night, you know that campus is no exception. But if you haven’t done so or just don’t know what
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Pirate's Cove at Sundown

Notes from my journal: The California Coast

Four friends piled in a car much too small to carry all of their belongings and that, my friend, marked the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. My little Honda must have appeared as nothing less than a clown car on the run from a circus as I drove us up
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Weekender Picks

I personally can’t remember life before Radiolab, an inspiring podcast that poses questions, answers questions and makes life a little more curious and a lot more interesting. Listen to the most recent episode, Juicervose, or my personal favorite, Poop Train. And while you gaze off with a new view on
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IB 157 students walk along the coast to the Monterey cypress grove at Point Lobos State Reserve.

Getting lost and finding woody plants

California has been my home since I took my first breath, my sense of self created between rolling oak hillsides and riparian corridors. However, my knowledge of the ecological communities I visited on weekends and holidays was sparse at best until last semester when I took Integrative Biology 157, “California
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