13-02-29 Nerd Interactions Are Cute Too

Nerd interactions are cute, too

Through the course of romantic interactions between the intelligent community — a politically correct way of designating “nerds” — there has usually been paradoxically low expectation for amorous gestures and expressions. There is an underlying belief that there is an inverse correlation between book-smarts and street-smarts, meaning that all those
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We Are THE Intelligent Life

We are THE intelligent life

The sanctity of human life is something we’re all rather familiar with, irrespective of whether those teachings stemmed from kindergarten playground bullying or esoteric college breadth courses. As humans, we pride ourselves on being the only intelligent life on the planet, and we’ve made that fact well-known to all other
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rhodes scholar screenshot

Campus senior is named 2013 Rhodes Scholar

After an exhausting two days of interviews, UC Berkeley senior Daniel Price was stunned and practically speechless Saturday night when he learned that the venture he had embarked on nearly half a year ago had paid off — he had been named a 2013 Rhodes Scholar. Price, who is one
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A lesson in lady-pleasing

Sex on Tuesday

Dear dude population: When it comes to going down south, please get it right. I’m not kidding. Not only are we still dealing with too many of you thinking that you’re totally entitled to your beloved BJs yet don’t have to oblige us, but even when you do, it’s often
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