5 ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers

While Thanksgiving may be a wonderful, delicious holiday full of food, friends and family, the aftermath isn’t always so pretty. Oftentimes, we end up with way more leftovers than we know what to do with, and these leftovers often end up forgotten, moldy and eventually in the trash. Now, just
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Quiz: What’s your Thanksgiving food coma?

‘Tis the season to be stuffed as a turkey. After the pumpkin pie is devoured and the stuffing is gone, you and your family will be left in a state of illness. Your father will be anchored into his armchair, your sibling will be lying on the floor with their
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Berkeley food perfect for the Fourth

Do you want the perfect Fourth of July meal but haven’t been invited to a barbecue and don’t feel like cooking? We all know that Berkeley is definitely not known for its abundance of barbecue joints — it can be difficult to find the classic foods you crave for the Fourth. Here are some delicious Fourth of July treats you can find in the city of Berkeley.
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Finished Pie

Peach and blueberry pie

This isn’t an easy recipe. This will take you hours and you’ll learn a few new techniques. But we at the Clog think that summer is the time for experimenting in the kitchen and utilizing seasonal ingredients for more complicated recipes because we have the time. Leave the pot noodle and pasta with red sauce for the school year and embark on a culinary journey that’ll leave a crunch and sugary, bright sweetness in your mouth.
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