Puns: UC Berkeley buildings

While in class this week, we at the Clog have maybe halfway been paying attention to our professors. The rest of the time during lecture, we’ve been occupied thinking of highly important things such as building name puns! Here are some that we came up with for our favorite campus
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Power restored to College of Chemistry buildings after outage Tuesday

This article has been updated to reflect new information. Power was restored at 2:35 p.m. Tuesday in all College of Chemistry buildings after a power outage, according to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore. Four buildings in the campus College of Chemistry lost power at 12:40 p.m., Gilmore said. Buildings with reported power outages
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Calstrology: Building edition

Ever wondered what your UC Berkeley spirit building is? Find your birthday below and see which campus building you should look toward for guidance in the next few weeks. March 21 – April 20: Dwinelle Hall You are a mess. You are disorganized and chaotic. Take some time to make a
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The 7 nicest lecture halls on campus

You look at your schedule and you see Dwinelle or Evans as the location for your 2-hour-long lecture, already recalling the stuffiness and suffocating lighting of the room and wanting to fall asleep on the spot. If you’re sick and tired of feeling like this, schedule your classes in the
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Campus Map

We can’t get here without Google Maps

There’s a reason the majority of Cal students walk around, Google Maps in hand, looking frantic — they might as well be in the middle of the woods. Berkeley can be an extremely confusing campus. Some buildings are hidden on the far side of campus in unexplored areas. Others just
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