New cafe Gadani opens in Downtown Berkeley

Berkeley residents can now enjoy a refreshing scoop of ice cream on a toasty egg puff waffle with the recent addition of Gadani, an earthy and simplistically designed café that officially opened its doors Saturday in Downtown Berkeley.
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What does your succulent say about you?

Who here has seen Disney’s “101 Dalmatians?” Trick question — we know everyone has (we at the Clog have seen it twice). You know that part at the beginning where all the people walk past with their dogs and all the dogs kind of resemble their owners? We’ve noticed a similar
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5 original ways to save water (not)

Whether you’re a California local or an out-of-stater, we’re all familiar with the Golden State’s current drought situation. Here are some — shall we say, interesting — ways to cut down that water bill and save our beloved California from certain doom. With these small steps, you’ll be well on your way
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Plant happy: growing a new friend in your living room

If plants could talk, they would say: Cardinals are red, Bears bleed blue, Chia Pets are definitely cute, And that means more responsibility for you. Despite the misconceptions and fear of responsibility, caring for a plant is one of the few things in life that can have more benefits than
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Save water: ban lawns

The city of Berkeley and the university have reacted to our current severe drought conditions by enacting new water conservation policy. In a February memo from the office of the mayor and the City Council, Berkeley has called for a 10 percent reduction in water consumption, and the university has
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Campanile with Trees

Your very own UC Berkeley tree guide

Whether we’re walking to Chem 3A, Psychology 1 or Underwater Basket Weaving 101, we rarely stop to think about the different kinds of foliage we pass by every day. Unless we’re forestry majors, rattling off the names of trees isn’t in our daily routine. But the Daily Clog worked with
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