‘Superheroes’ saved by unforgettable script, captivating performances

In Cutting Ball Theater’s “Superheroes,” director Sean San Jose illuminates the racial injustices within the drug cultures of Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Throughout the play, he and the cast of “Superheroes” carry an impeccable script while delivering an enthrallingly powerful production. “Superheroes” opens with a journalist, Aparecida (Delina Patrice
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Piratical perfection reigns in ‘Pirates of Penzance’

If there were a contest for the most British play of all time, “The Pirates of Penzance” would be a strong contender for first place. It is a delightfully silly farce that is a “Slave of Duty” to Britannia — her naval traditions, her obsession with class and the richness
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