Stiff Swimming in the Womb

You are my genesis, my perfection A hose skeeting benevolence over the sheets of my mind We kick life hard against the womb of the love we built Heightening heights of high hell would never make me flee You’ve got me deeply rooted in your infectious spell Wrapped around, surrounded
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Charity Through Poetry for Writers of Squaw Valley

The Squaw Valley community of writers brought a night of charitable poetry to San Francisco on Friday night. All who gathered at the First Unitarian Church bought their tickets toward fundraising financial aid for the Squaw Valley community of writers workshops in the California Sierra Nevada. The workshops are for
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CalSLAM brings down barriers with original material

At UC Berkeley, the terms “free speech,” “equality” and “expression” are seemingly ubiquitous ideals in light of the campus and city’s history. In the spirit of the Free Speech Movement of 1964, the campus environment integrates its legacy into everyday life. The symbols are everywhere, from the the Free Speech
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Robert Hass

A poet in motion

It was like any other poetry reading — Robert Hass had attended hundreds at this point. But after he finished reciting poems from a recent book, someone from the audience approached him and pointed out to the Pulitzer Prize winner something that had never crossed his mind. All the poems
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Breaking the single story

Cultural Crossroads

When I think of all the untold stories stagnating in the suburbs of Southern California, where I attended high school — in Santa Ana and Garden Grove — it saddens me that popular TV Shows like “The O.C.” and the “The Real Housewives of Orange County” have overshadowed the true
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The Book Nook: Poetry for the every man

The book:  “You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense” by Charles Bukowski Suggested for:  Anyone who’s tired of reading cryptic poetry that requires extensive analysis (and people who avoid poetry because of that) Clog Rating:  While poetry isn’t usually people’s first choice for recreational reading, especially
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