Transferring out

Community-less College

Neil McClintick

A shout out during convocation for transfers is not enough to mitigate these feelings of exclusion. The UC Berkeley community, with its rigorous academics, can and should undergo a paradigm shift in how it receives transfer students. This starts at an interpersonal level with each of y’all.
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Pokémon GO ruined my roadtrip

When he said yes to a road trip, I was hella pumped. But when he said no to SoCal, I deflated. What a killjoy. Upon seeing my crestfallen face, he gives me some bullshit excuse like traffic or time constraints or something. Even so, this dude is my favoritest person
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How to be safe when walking alone at night

Winter’s receding (if you could call it that), and spring is gradually approaching. The days are growing longer and it seems as if it’s safer to walk alone at night. Don’t be fooled, there have been a number of reports of crimes around campus lately, including an armed robbery at Unit 1, as
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Sproul at Night

Late night on Sproul

Let’s face it, Sproul during the day can be a little overwhelming. Crowds, bikes, scooters, one-wheeled skateboards, tablers and flyers galore. You probably avoid it during peak times, even. But what happens when the sun goes down and you have no choice but to make the trek through Sproul while
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How Pokémon Go derailed a franchise

It seems that Pokémon Go came in a tempestuous flurry of mixed media hype and snuck away quietly away in the night, a forgotten smartphone icon that we will look at from time to time on our homepage and consider deleting. The summer’s hottest app took the world by storm,
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first week of school bingo

First week of school bingo

It’s only been a few days since the new semester started, and although you might have a few more pages of reading than you expected, there’s no way things could have gone too badly in such a short amount of time. At least, we hope so. Take some time between
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Pokemon Go unites disconnected students

If you’ve noticed a peculiar vibrance among students at Caffe Strada, Martinez Commons and even other landmark sites over the course of the last few days, then maybe this article will help explain the oddities occurring in Berkeley. These oddities are due to a downloadable app for the mobile phone that released July 6 called Pokemon Go. Glued to their phones and encouraged to travel for the sake of progress and advancement in the latest Pokemon franchise installment, trainers, primarily college students, are collaborating and exploring with one another in an effort to catch rare and powerful Pokemon.
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2016 summer poke go ouch

A Pokemon Go story

Earl Grey, who is definitely not fake and is totally a real person we didn’t just make up in order to singularly represent us as a student body, was just another UC Berkeley student going about his days. He was taking Computer Science 61A for the summer and all was
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Bringing back old memories

Once we’re in college, there are so many changes that our life before seems like a distant memory. And as you go about your daily life, there are some things that might make you reminisce about your childhood and high school. When we have a whole lot of math homework
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