How Pokémon Go derailed a franchise

It seems that Pokémon Go came in a tempestuous flurry of mixed media hype and snuck away quietly away in the night, a forgotten smartphone icon that we will look at from time to time on our homepage and consider deleting. The summer’s hottest app took the world by storm,
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2016 summer poke go ouch

A Pokemon Go story

Earl Grey, who is definitely not fake and is totally a real person we didn’t just make up in order to singularly represent us as a student body, was just another UC Berkeley student going about his days. He was taking Computer Science 61A for the summer and all was
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Bringing back old memories

Once we’re in college, there are so many changes that our life before seems like a distant memory. And as you go about your daily life, there are some things that might make you reminisce about your childhood and high school. When we have a whole lot of math homework
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Pokémon Go takes UC Berkeley by storm

Pokémon Go is an app that blends the real and digital worlds, tasking players to find Pokémon in their neighborhoods. The game is taking over the Berkeley campus, so we interviewed a few people about their experiences playing Pokémon Go.