Legalize prostitution now

Prostitution has always existed and will likely always exist. Despite a societal emphasis on monogamy or polygyny, and despite the criminalization of the industry, the profession persists all over the world. In the places where prostitution is legal, sex workers have more rights. They can expect the cooperation of law enforcement when they are the victims of robbery or assault. They are regulated by laws that require their regular medical testing for public safety in many countries. They can even unionize.
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UC Berkeley spends $1,300 to purchase x-rated domain names

UC Berkeley may be known for its academics, athletics and the occasional protest, but the campus administration has paid about $1,300 thus far to stop pornographic websites from buying .xxx domain names associated with the campus. Following other colleges across the country in the fall semester, the campus bought the
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TV Land: Community of fans, unite!

I was going to write about Thanksgiving this week. I was going to write about how glorious it is that once a year (more than once in my case), we can sit down as proud Americans and engorge ourselves with genetically-modified organisms while I sit at the kids’ table. But,
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