Members of Occupy Cal joined Occupy Oakland and others in their march to shut down the Port of Oakland.

Occupy Cal joins Occupy Oakland to shut down port

About 15 protesters from Occupy Cal joined Occupy Oakland to march to shut down the Port of Oakland Monday night. The Occupy Cal group met at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue near the UC Berkeley campus at 2 p.m. before departing to Oakland. Once there, the protesters joined the larger Occupy rally
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A protester jumps from one semi trailer to another. Protesters stopped semi trucks along the approaches to the port.

Protesters shut down maritime operations at Port of Oakland

OAKLAND — In an attempt to shut down maritime operations, protesters from the Occupy Movement marched to the Port of Oakland during Wednesday’s general strike, effectively shutting down business for the evening while causing no reported damage. The march began at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland and lead the crowd
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A sign denouncing the destructive activity hangs on a shattered Bank of America window in downtown Oakland.

Storify: Nov. 2 Occupy Oakland General Strike

Thousands of people from throughout the Bay Area have joined Occupy Oakland protesters in Downtown Oakland Wednesday in the nation’s first general strike since 1946. The Daily Californian will provide updates here and on Twitter View the story “Nov. 2 Occupy Oakland General Strike” on Storify] Stephanie Baer is the
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A protester yells into a bullhorn outside of a Downtown Oakland Bank of America at general strike Wednesday.

Thousands of demonstrators gather in Downtown Oakland for general strike

OAKLAND — Thousands of demonstrators from the Occupy Movement have been gathering in Downtown Oakland since 9 a.m. this morning in the nation’s first general strike since 1946, with many marching through the streets chanting and displaying signs expressing anti-capitalist sentiments. The general strike — centered at the intersection of
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Posters around the UC Berkeley campus advertise the general strike happening in Oakland on Wednesday.

Protesters plan to shut down Oakland for Nov. 2 general strike

Anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people from throughout the Bay Area are expected to converge in Downtown Oakland Wednesday for a Day of Action and general strike — the nation’s first since 1946, which also took place in Oakland — that Occupy Movement protesters hope will shut down
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