Cal men’s soccer to meet offensive-minded Portland

As Cal men’s soccer prepares for a weekend matchup with Portland, it’s hard to ignore the Pilots’ aggregate 15 goals in comparison with the Bears’ lone score. But those numbers, while intimidating, do not tell the whole story of Cal’s 2017 season thus far. It is a story with the
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Allison David/Staff

Portland: Hipsters and foodies welcome

Portland is often painted as a city filled with hippies and tree huggers, which is somewhat true, but there’s so much more to the city than what meets the eye. Hailing from such a chaotic and bustling city like Los Angeles, coming to Portland, which is mostly a newly built city, was somewhat of a shock to me. Compared to a hodge podge city like Los Angeles, Portland seemed insanely organized when I was met with its clear-cut biker-friendly lanes and its highly planned public parks and playgrounds.
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Portland rose garden

Portland: city of quirk

With plane tickets graciously gifted to us from Southwest — because of an eight-hour flight delay — my boyfriend and I were off to explore a small portion of the Pacific Northwest. We expected Portland to be a more extreme version of the Bay Area, albeit with colder, wetter weather
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