Concert Spotlight: CHVRCHES at the Mezzanine

Chvrches will grace the Mezzanine in San Francisco with Portugal. The Man on Dec. 5 after having chvrned out its debut LP, “The Bones of What You Believe.” The main angle commentators take to the Scottish electro-pop outfit’s music — aside from the 45 degrees of their name’s v —
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Tunesday: Lively Tunes for a Dead Week

So you’re looking for your second wind after sleepless, suffocating hours studying. Have you been deferring any drudgery until your dissertation looks like defecation? Or perhaps you’re just partying your ass off like it’s a second spring break (certainly the case for me so far). Whatever your situation, hopefully this
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Portugal. The Man exhilirates at Rickshaw

The walls of San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop throbbed last Thursday night, stretching like a membranous cell wall to accommodate the radiating energy of the pulsating nucleus within. West coasters White Arrows and Portugal. The Man played to an airtight crowd in the shoebox venue, (enticing) polarized bodies to bump ‘n
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