A sweet overview of Berkeley’s candy shops

Ah, candy. One of the best inventions in the world. Let’s be real — we all pretty much feel like this fish dude from SpongeBob when it comes to sugar. It’s no surprise that capitalist America has recognized this demand for sugar, targeted it and profited in a major way
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Best things to do on College Avenue

As we’re sure you’ve discovered, Berkeley is filled with streets that have lots to offer in the way of food, shopping, transportation and pretty much anything else you can think of. Certain streets are hot spots for all kinds of student activity — think Telegraph, Shattuck and Bancroft. However, we feel that there’s another street with its own crop of shops and amenities that doesn’t get nearly enough credit: College Avenue. It might be a little further away from the center of campus, but College Avenue has so much to offer. Below, we’ve cultivated a list of awesome things you can only find on College — so go forth and explore!
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