A comprehensive list of things we don’t need

These days it seems as though everyone is constantly trying to push something on someone, whether that be political opinions or ad sponsorships, lifestyle changes or unwarranted fashion advice. To illustrate all of the extraneous nonsense that we could do without, we at the Clog have compiled a comprehensive list
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Fourth of July 2016

Editor’s note: Fourth of July 2016

America the beautiful is the land we all call home right now, for better or for worse. With the 2016 presidential elections well underway, we’ve had a lot of time this year to reflect on what it means to be an American and what ideals we want to embody. Of course, Fourth of July is for celebrating the majesty of the rolling waves of grain with a sunrise shotgun of an ice cold Budweiser America (please drink responsibly, folks), but we’re also at a crossroads in our history. We must decide whether to keep our country free and expand liberties to those who have been denied them or follow a path of xenophobia and bigotry.
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