Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Barack Obama and his running mate, Senator Joe Biden campaign in Fredricksberg, VA on Saturday, September 27, 2008.

Alternative Presidents’ Day costumes

When you walk into a Presidents’ Day costume party, you’re sure to see plenty of one thing — top hats. Sure, Abe Lincoln was a good guy, but as far as presidential costumes are concerned, he’s overplayed. And if the only other obvious costume involves painting yourself orange, it’s clear
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Places to visit in the Bay Area over the long weekend

After weeks of waiting and crossing the days off our calendars, it’s finally time for the much-anticipated long weekend. Whether you’re planning on taking your loved one out of the city for Valentine’s Day this Sunday or if you just want to chill with a group of friends, we at
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A guide to celebrating Presidents’ Day

The most important holiday in February is here. We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not Valentine’s Day. Rather, it’s a day later. February 15th is Presidents’ Day. We at the Clog know you’re frantically trying to figure out how to best honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so we
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Ways to spend your Presidents’ Day weekend

While your friends who go to school on the East Coast have bragged to you about their multiple snow days, you can be proud to say you have at least one day off coming up: Presidents’ Day. And you got lucky. It’s not going to be below-freezing, you can enter and
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