FemSex DeCal: A space to share your story

To a casual viewer, the basic idea behind FemSex can seem to be spelled out pretty clearly in the name. Fem: related to womxn. Sex: well, that’s self-explanatory. But to assume that that’s the whole story when it comes to this DeCal would be reductive. Though FemSex definitely wants to
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Happy National Roof Over Your Head Day

As we get closer and closer to winter break, there are plenty of things to be thankful for: no more classes, finally getting to go home soon and the fact that we actually managed to survive another semester at one of the best universities in the world. Even though Thanksgiving was
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It’s been a privilege

Millenial Meltdown

Privilege, in my house, was getting dessert after dinner or borrowing the Lexus. But privilege is now a buzzword, and it appears to be everywhere.
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This is privilege

I stood in the fresh-bread section at Berkeley Bowl, fighting an impending mental breakdown. I stood there for four minutes — maybe less, maybe more, I didn’t count. What I was counting were the types of loaves in front of me: Sweet Batard, Sourdough, French, Italian, olive. I counted 16
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Daily Cal needs to be more culturally sensitive

On Sept. 17 The Daily Californian ran an advertisement from Dr. Chase Lay, a San Jose-based plastic surgeon who specializes in Asian facial plastics throughout the Bay Area. The ad showed two unidentified Asian women in before-and-after photos of blepharoplasty, a procedure more commonly known as “Asian double eyelid surgery.”
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Intent doesn’t equal impact

CAMPUS ISSUES: The offensive quinceanera party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity reflects deeper problems within the community.

One of the first lessons learned about cultural sensitivity on a campus such as Berkeley’s is that just because you don’t intend for something to be racist, that doesn’t mean it isn’t. The offensive quinceanera-themed party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity on the night of Sept. 21 is a
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Off the beat: Encountering patriarchy abroad

This column is in response to the article on CNN called India: The Story You Never Wanted to Hear about an American student’s experience with sexual abuse in India. I recently returned from a two-month language-learning scholarship in the state of Punjab in northern India. There, patriarchy acts upon your body:
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