A relationship with stress, stressed relationships

When we were put into the continuously evolving and progressing environment of UC Berkeley, we were put into an intellectual’s wet-dream and capitalism’s fantasy. The caliber of thought required on a daily basis and the expected level of efficiency pushes many of us to become what we imagine to be the best version
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Water rights

Global access to water could bring national security to all

The lack of access to water in unstable developing countries is an international security threat. Although the United Nations declared 2013 as the “International Year of Water Cooperation,” solutions to international water issues will not be met unless the global north directs foreign aid dollars to improve reliable access water,
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Champagne problems: the hamster race

Off the Beat

If you have begun to read this column expecting to hear the tragic tale of a student’s addiction to Dom Perignon, read no further. I won’t be discussing anything near as serious a problem. I’m actually going to talk about hamsters. In this university environment of privilege and opportunity, we
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