Personal Essay: Catholi-schism

I‘ve decided it’s best for me not to get confirmed.”   I’ll never forget the face my grandmother made when those words drove their way out of me with a sheepish rasp. I was 16 years old when I revoked my membership from the Catholic Church in front of Uncle
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Off the beat: Marriage, morality and philosopher kings

In an interview during the 2012 election season, a prominent American politician spoke highly of advocates of traditional marriage. They are motivated by an impulse to “preserve and strengthen families,” he said. He avoided framing the debate over gay marriage as a civil rights issue, calling it instead a disagreement
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Agenda for Feb. 22 ASUC Senate meeting

The ASUC Senate will hold its fifth meeting of the semester Wednesday night, which will possibly include a vote on a bill opposing Proposition 8 and the introduction of several bills that suggest making amendments to the ASUC bylaws. The ASUC Standing Committee on University and External Affairs passed a bill
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