A tale of two protests

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times at UC Berkeley. Like any other typical days, these two began with students sleepily strolling through Sproul, dodging endless obstacles of suit-clad solicitors, sanctimonious eccentrics and agitated activists. However, these two days were by no means typical. Rather,
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Peace is the right prescription to support higher education

This footage I shot of last Thursday’s “Rally Against Austerity” may seem slightly outdated now that nearly a week has elapsed. The culprit behind my tardy posting is yesterday’s “Increase Diversity Bake” sale by the Berkeley College Republicans. After all, “racist” cupcakes are much tastier to write about than a
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A police officer apprehends a demonstrator in Tolman Hall, where the Day of Action protesters occupied a room. The protest was propelled by persisting state budget cuts to the UC and accompanying tuition increases.

Two non-UC Berkeley students arrested during Tolman Hall protest

Two men were arrested on felony charges during a protest at Tolman Hall on Thursday night and several people were injured, following a sporadically violent daylong demonstration against proposed student fee increases. The men, Drew Phillips, 25, and Richard Clemons, 30­­­ were arrested on felony charges Thursday night. Neither are UC Berkeley students.
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Despite plans, no protest Friday morning outside Tolman

Despite plans to continue Thursday’s protest at Tolman Hall at 10 a.m., there was no demonstration Friday morning as of 1 p.m. About five people, some of whom had participated in Thursday’s Day of Action, stood under a tree near Tolman during the morning discussing the protest and methods of
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A fading fight

CAMPUS ISSUES: Falling in line with previous protests, Thursday’s rally failed to draw large crowds and broad student support.

We hear among our peers the struggles and fears that haunt them as they helplessly watch tuition increases pass semester after semester. They have much to say and express. But Thursday’s protest was unsuccessful at conveying that sentiment. The poor turnout — about 300 at its peak — was not
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Protesters stand outside of Tolman Hall.

Protesters gather in Sproul Plaza, march to Tolman Hall

About 250 protesters gathered in Sproul Plaza at noon on Wednesday to protest budget cuts and potential tuition raises, among other things. A smaller group of demonstrators, numbering approximately 100, then moved to UC Berkeley’s Tolman Hall, where they entered classrooms and opened discussions on issues ranging from the budget
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What does the coalition stand for?

This summer, following the July Regents Meeting ­— at which student fees were raised by another 9.6 percent — a group of students, workers and faculty began meeting to renew our shared fight for public education and against the evisceration of the UCs. Since then, we’ve held large social gatherings
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Demands released for Thursday’s protest

It’s that time of year again. The UC Board of Regents will meet in November to discuss a plan to increase tuition, so UC Berkeley organizers have begun plans for protests and forums. Correction(s):A previous version of this blog post incorrectly stated that the UC Board of Regents would be
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Free to dial

BAY AREA ISSUES: Cutting cellphone service was an inappropriate and outrageous response by BART to ongoing protests.

The so-called Arab spring brought images of protesters using social media and handheld electronic devices and clashing with totalitarian governments. News of curfews and Internet connection disruptions escaped the fray, and the world watched in disgust as governments interrupted citizens’ attempts at free speech. Those stories were always foreign, and
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