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Protest against police violence following the death of Kayla Moore

Around 70 protesters gathered at People’s Park Tuesday evening to protest the death of Kayla Moore while in Berkeley Police Department custody. Wielding banners and chanting slogans, protesters marched from People’s Park to the police station downtown, face to face with police in riot gear. Though the protest was non-violent,
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Occupy Eshleman screenshot

Negotiations made between university officials and occupants of Eshleman Hall

Footage of negotiations made on Tuesday, November 27 between university officials and the occupants of Eshleman Hall’s sixth floor was acquired by ASUC President Connor Landgraf. Read more here:

A new campus activism

CAMPUS ISSUES: A year after Occupy Cal took UC Berkeley by storm, activism on campus needs to adapt to new political and social realities.

Occupy Cal is dead, but that doesn’t mean student activism should disappear. One year ago, protesters at UC Berkeley used the momentum of Occupy Wall Street to establish a movement that, at least for a short period of time, consumed the campus. However, since Nov. 15 of last year, turnout
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Cooperation at the Gill Tract

CAMPUS ISSUES: In determining the direction of UC-owned land in Albany, protesters who occupied it should collaborate with the campus.

The original Occupy movement reimagined how people engaged with a space that represented an elite group that became a symbol of capitalism gone wrong. However, Occupy the Farm — a grassroots movement that began in April to protest development around UC-owned land in Albany — lacks the same ideological strength.
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