A brief history of Cal Day protests

Cal Day — an annual “open house” on campus that has historically hosted thousands of prospective students, current students and their families — has also hosted protests of UC policies and campus climate over the past two years. Different groups have held Cal Day protests by blocking Sather Gate. In
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Where’s Oski?

If we made a “Where’s Dirks?” post, why would we leave out Oski? Put on your detective hats and try to find Oski in these various Bay Area terrains. Try your best, he can be tricky! Oski creeping his way through Outside Lands. Oski is a student at UC Berkeley just like us! Oski
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Do not condone violence to suppress free speech

In a letter to the UC Berkeley community a week before Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit, I made clear that both our campus’s iconic commitment to free speech, as well as definitive First Amendment rulings by the Supreme Court, meant that we were obliged to support the invitation by a legitimate student
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Tony Zhou/Staff

If the Campanile were like Big Brother

Most of us have read the infamous book “1984” by George Orwell and wondered how awful our lives would be under Big Brother. Being the imaginative souls we are, we at the Clog decided to help you with your daydreams (daynightmares?) about intrusive governmental policies by giving you a list of ways
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UC Berkeley and Oakland high school students protest higher education issues

Students from both UC Berkeley and Oakland Technical High School organized two demonstrations on campus Wednesday — one to protest proposed tuition hikes and the other to advocate admitting more Oakland public school students to UC Berkeley. Filmed by Karen Lin and Yuka Koshino Edited by Alison Tang