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15 theories on why the public health major was suspended

As you’ve probably heard, there’s been a massive scare in the past week over the suspension of the public health major. The School of Public Health recently decided to suspend undergraduates from applying to the major, causing widespread uproar. Fortunately, admissions were reinstated, but what really happened here? Why did
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Ways UC Berkeley can still be number 1

With rumors flying around about the potential removal of the reputed campus College of Chemistry and our number one-ranked public health major, UC Berkeley would clearly be losing two of its major points of pride. If we’re to keep going with this trend of eliminating schools and majors, will UC
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Slogans for some L&S majors

We at the Clog decided that with the many academic paths you can take at UC Berkeley, sometimes a type of categorization is necessary. Thus we crowdsourced around campus and asked people for the most popular majors that the College of Letters and Science offers — and made some memorable slogans for
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Here’s to Meatless Monday

President Bill Clinton, once known for his love of fast food, has been making headlines for his recent dietary change. He’s swapped the Big Macs, chicken nuggets and fried shrimp for veggie burgers, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables. After years of battling heart problems — even undergoing quadruple-bypass surgery
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